The story of refurbishing a

14' Peterborough "MERMAID" canoe

The Mermaid needs some TLC
Keel will be replaced
Worn out canvas will be replaced
Seats and thwart removed, rope keeps canoe in shape
The finished product
Starting the removal of the inside varnish
Old dark varnish almost gone
Damaged cane seat to be recanned
New seat woven in
Hull receives a coat of varnish to seal cedar
New canvas stretched "hammock style"
New canvas saturated with zinc naphthaneate and linseed oil to preserve canvas
New canvas painted with oil base primer
Canvas gets a coat of filler, one more to follow after sanding
Hull gets1st coat of oil base exterior enamel, two more to follow, wet sanded between each.
Canvas trimed at gunnwale edge.
14' Peterborough "Mermaid" is finished.